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Thank you so much for joining me on Lydia’s Layton Life – my very own Interior & Lifestyle Blog!


After first starting up my Instagram page, @lydias_layton_life, in order to share the build process and interior styling of our new build home, The Layton by David Wilson Homes, I found myself wanting to expand upon my Instagram squares. I’ve always been one for the written word (read: chatterbox and bookworm) and so this felt like a natural progression.

My aim is to share a mix of honest reviews of products/furnishings, my interior styling tips and DIY projects.

I often have a running commentary in my own head as I style my own home/embark on a DIY project - getting it all down on paper has really helped me to un-muddle my thoughts and reflect. I hope its an enjoyable read, and that you find something in here to inspire you in your own home/life!

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